Friday, 7 October 2016

Who is Who?

On Saturday mornings I usually get up late and I do my homework. Then I meet some friends in the park to play and have fun. But today is different! This morning Isabel got up early because today she is painting a lovely cat in Mark´s t-shirt. She is wearing a nice green t-shirt and she is between Mark and Tommy.


On the weekend we usually go to my parents´ house. We have a big lunch at 2:00 in the afternoon and then we all together listen to my father stories. But right now It is different! I am in a park with my cousins waiting for my girlfriend with a lovely bouquet of roses.


On Saturday mornings I usually get up early and help my mum. We vacuum the floor, clean the windows and do the laundry. But today is different. Today I´m waiting for my uncle´s girlfriend.  She is going to play tennis with me. I am really happy. I love tennis.


Three days a week he helps in a pet shop and twice a weekend he takes drama lessons because he wants to be the next Jack Sparrow. He plays in a theater every day with his parrot. But today is different he is wearing his new t-shirt in the park!

Now It´s your go! Do you want to play "Who is who" game at home.
Let´s do it!
Enjoy it!

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