Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Past Simple

Dear student of the future, 
My name is Augustus Santinus. I was born in 531. I taught English in ancient Greece. 
If you are reading this letter it means that you have found my treasure. The treasure that I left for you was the biggest treasure of this age, knowledge. Also, let me tell you that a spirit gave me the power to see into the future and because of that I had many visions and I know what you must study for your ¨past simple¨ exam. In my vision I saw a child who got a 10. It could be you! The child from my vision paid attention in class and participated all the time. Before the exam, the child studied all about the past simple; regular and irregular verbs, did and didn´t, and pronunciation. During the exam the child answered all the questions and checked their answers. I hope that this vision comes true for you.

Answer the following questions
1.Why are there red and blue words?
2.Where was Ausgust Santinus from?
3.What was his power?
4. What was the treasure?
5. Do you think that the vision will be true for you? Why?

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